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US Chess Junior Grand Prix!

Oct. 27-29 or 28-29
10 Grand Prix points

5SS, Interactive College of Technology, 5227 New Peachtree Rd., Chamblee, GA 30341. $5,000 b/95 in top six sections, $3,000 guaranteed. In six sections: Master/Expert: $500-$350-$200, under 2200 $400-$200-$100. FIDE rated. Must be 1950, with no playing up! Class A (1800-1999): $400-$200-$100. Class B (1600-1799): $400-$200-$100. Class C (1400-1599): $400-$200-$100. Class D (1200-1399): $300-$200-$100. Class E (700-1199): $300-$150-$100. Entry Fees: $74 three-day, $73 two-day by October 26, $79 at site. GMs, IMs, WGMs free, $60 deducted from prize, unrateds $40, limited to second-place prize in each section. Unofficial uschess.org ratings used if otherwise unrated. Players may play up one section! Three-day schedule: Reg. ends Fri. 6:30 p.m. Rounds: Fri. 7 pm, Sat. 2:30 and 7, Sun. 10 and 3:30. Two-day schedule: Registration ends Sat. 10 a.m., rounds 10:30 a.m., then merged with three-day. Time Controls: Master/Expert: 40/90, SD/30 d10. Class A and below: G/120 d5. Two-day option: G/90 d5. Byes: Available all rounds (limit two), must commit before first round. Info: (478) 973-9389 or info@americanchesspromotions.com. 2017 Atlanta Class Championship registration now openLeft_Arrow_Red

Oct. 29

4SS, G/30 d5. Interactive College of Technology, 5227 New Peachtree Rd., Chamblee, GA 30341. Entry fee: $29 by October 28, $33 at site. In three sections: Middle School K-8, Elementary K-6, and Primary K-3. Trophies to the top five, top unrated, top girl in each section. Medals to all participants who do not get a trophy. Registration ends 10:30 a.m. Rounds: 12:30 p.m., then as soon as possible. Special: A master or expert will be on hand for FREE analysis. Bring chess equipment, none supplied! Info: (478) 973-9389 or info@americanchesspromotions.com. 2017 ACP October Scholastic Championship registration now openLeft_Arrow_Red

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